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Give Back A Smile

Providing kids with Free Dental Care and Education

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ® (AACD) sustaining member Dr. Sadineni has joined the AACD’s Give Back A Smile ™ (GBAS) program to fight domestic violence by providing free consultation and dental treatment to restore the smiles of domestic violence survivors.

Academy of Cosmetic dentistry (AACD) members. Volunteer dentists agree to restore the broken and damaged teeth in the smile-zone of survivors of intimate partner violence. Survivors know that bruises and scars will fade but broken and missing teeth will not.

Give Back A SmileActual Patient of Dr. Sadineni Received Free Dentures

Dr. Sadineni can help erase the memories of abuse by restoring the smiles at no cost to the survivor there by restoring their lives. The satisfaction from helping someone makes all the giving self-serving in a way.

To find out how to qualify for the treatment contact Dublin Metro Dental at (614) 766-5600.

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